SQ3R Chapter 25

SQ3R Chapter 25 - Archelle Grajeda Period 7 SQ3R Chapter 25...

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Archelle Grajeda Period 7 SQ3R Chapter 25 Who was Louis Napoleon and what was the Second Republic? He had no part in politics before 1848 but because of male suffrage he got 4x the votes other candidates received. It was because of several things. One was that he possessed the name of his uncle who was a legend. Also they wanted a tough ruler during that time. Also he created a positive outlook and program for France that would guide them. He believed that government should represent the people. Parliaments and political parties were not the way to go about that he believed. Napoleon would serve even the poor along with the rich. The French peasants vaguely understood his philosophies anyways. And to many of the commoners he looked like a strong man with leadership qualities. 92 percent voted him to be president for 10 years. What was Napoleon III’s Second Empire? Now he obtained the name Emperor Napoleon III. He had great success with the economy during the 1850’s. It was good because his type of government obtained new investment banks and railroad construction. It improved urban environment as well. He hoped that this would decrease political tension. At first the power still was in the hands of the emperor. The government used its officials and appointed mayors to let the word spread of the candidates. He wanted to reorganize Europe about nationality. Napolean was also sensitive to the public mood. He said “public opinion always wins the last victory”. He created a new constitution for France as well. How was Italy in 1850? Italy had always been in separate states and was never united before 1850. The peninsula had been divided in the Middle Ages. It was a battle ground in the late 1400’s. Metternich of Austria took the rich lands of Italy like Venetia and Lombardy. Italy with its smaller states and Central Italy was ruled by the papacy, which was always independent. Naples and Sicily were ruled for a hundred years by the Bourbons. Between the early 1800’s and mid 1800’s the Italians had a unified goal. It was to capture the imaginations of all of them. Giuseppe Mazzini made a radical program. Vincenzo Gioberti was a Catholic priest who called for a federation of existing states under the ruling of the progressive pope. Pius IX was cautious for unification since they had feared hostility and was temporarily driven from Rome during 1848. Who were Cavour and Garibaldi in Italy? Sardinia was fortunate to be led by the statesman Cavour. He was an important figure from 1850 until 1861. Cavour came from a noble family and supported the middle class. Before his works in politics he was successful in sugar mills, steamships, banks, and railroads. His national goals were realistic. In July 1858 Cavour succeeded and led Austria into attacking Sardinia in 1859. Finally he made a compromise with the Austrians at Villafranca in July 1859. So the map of Italy was still the same. He resigned in rage. His plans however carried on through his allies. As the war carried on there were popular
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SQ3R Chapter 25 - Archelle Grajeda Period 7 SQ3R Chapter 25...

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