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Lauren Woolverton 9/19/2007 Assignment 3 My take on Descartes’ proof for the existence of God is different than his idea. I believe that although he has made a reasonable argument in trying to show proof that in fact God does exist, however, I don’t fully agree with all of what he says. I agree with the thought that he talks about when he says “It’s impossible for a nonexistent stone to come into existence unless it is produced by something containing, either formally or eminently, everything in the stone.” This goes along with my thought that I am not sure whether God does exist or not. I do not know whether I believe that there is a higher power that is said to have made us how we are today just by having some power. When he says, “if we suppose that something is in an idea but not in its cause, we must suppose that something has come from nothing,” which makes me believe that someone just thought of the idea to believe in a higher power and thinks that everyone else should follow along with that idea as well. I believe that everything that we are now and have
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Unformatted text preview: become has been derived from science and nature. I believe in evolution and follow along with the scientific evidence of how man was created and the world was created as well. I find it unbelievable that he says “the fact that I exist and have an idea of God as a perfect entity conclusively entails that God does in fact exist,” because how can you prove that God put that thought in your head to believe in Him. How do we know that we aren’t just following along with someone’s idea that one “thing” created all of us and everything around us? When Descartes states “I haven’t established that anything exists besides me and God,” how does he in fact know that God really does exist? I have a hard time in believing that we were created from a higher power and not the fact that we come from nature and the evolution of our planet. Although, I believe he has made a great argument, there are some things in which I do follow along with him, but more that I do not agree with....
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