Bio102-Chap5Notes-Part1 - Climate, Biomes, & Biodiversity...

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Themes: Causes of Large-scale Organism Distributions Earth’s Climate Geologic History Evolutionary History Biomes Terrestrial Biomes Aquatic Ecosystems [Later] Biodiversity and Human Impacts Ecosystem Management Global-scale Patterns: Biomes While there is great diversity of life over the surface of the Earth, there are large areas that are (or appear to be) remarkably similar What are the causes of these large-scale patterns? Historical geography Climate Biotic Provinces Biotic province is shaped primarily by geological and evolutionary history Continental Drift, caused by plate tectonics, has resulted in periodic unification and separation of continents - Unification —> genetic mixing - Biomes Terrestrial biomes are most strongly determined by climate Rule of climatic similarity: similar environments favor organisms with similar form and functions (but not necessarily same genetic makeups) Biome vs. Biotic Province Biome: A large-scale community that is determined primarily by the physical environment (esp. climate) Emphasizes the abiotic forces of nature in shaping ecosystems and communities of organisms Biotic Province: A region inhabited by a characteristic set of taxa bound by barriers that tend to limit emigration & immigration of species. Emphasizes history and evolutionary connections Weather vs. Climate Weather - A description of physical conditions of the atmosphere Climate - A description of the long-term weather pattern in a particular area The Great Weather Engine Solar Radiation Incoming solar energy at the top of the atmosphere averages about 1,330 watts/m
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Bio102-Chap5Notes-Part1 - Climate, Biomes, & Biodiversity...

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