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studyguide test 1 - Phys 1445-002 (Spring 2008) Study Sheet...

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Phys 1445-002 (Spring 2008) Study Sheet for Test 1 The Test 1 is on Feb 19th at your regular class time in the same room (#101 SH). It will cover material in the textbook and class slides associated with Chapters 1-3. There will be 50 questions. All of them will be multiple choice: fill-in-the-blanks, true-false, match the right answer etc. It will be completely closed book and closed notes test; no calculators will be part of the test--- just bring pencils and scantron # 882-E. Chapter 1 (Discovering the Night Sky) What is astronomy and astrophysics? (Class Slides) Importance of astronomy. (Class Slides) An overview of the Universe (Sec 1-1, P 6-7 & class discussion): from the earth to planets to stars and galaxies. Constellations (Sec 1-2): traditional and modern definition, difference between a constellation and an asterism, total number, whether the stars are at different distances or same in a constellation, recognize some of them (Ursa Major (big dipper), Ursa Minor, Orion, Leo, Bootes, Gemini), point the north star ‘Polaris’ from the Ursa Major Celestial Sphere (Sec 1-3) : definition of north celestial pole (NCP), south celestial pole (SCP) and celestial equator; celestial co-ordinate system (declination and right ascension) and their comparison with terrestrial co-ordinate system (longitude and latitude); the local sky (horizon, zenith, nadir, prime meridian, altitude) ( Note : Prime meridian of the Earth passes through Greenwich, England, but the prime celestial meridian passes through vernal equinox. ) Rotation of the Earth and its effects (Sec 1-4) : spinning of the Earth on its axis from West to East in 24 hours, formation of day and night, diurnal motion, circumpolar stars, ( Note : If you are standing on Earth’s North Pole, NCP will be on Zenith. If you are at Earth’s equator NCP will be on horizon. At other places altitude of NCP equals latitude of that place, for example, at Arlington altitude of NCP (Polaris) is 33°. ) Revolution of the Earth and its effects (Sec 1-4, 1-7)
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studyguide test 1 - Phys 1445-002 (Spring 2008) Study Sheet...

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