celestail guides for astron lab

celestail guides for astron lab - the imaginary rotating...

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1445 Spring 2008 Celestial Guides Celestial Sphere: An imaginary rotating sphere of "gigantic radius", concentric and coaxial with the Earth. All objects in the sky can be thought of as lying upon the sphere Celestial Equator: A great circle on the imaginary celestial sphere , in the same plane as the Earth 's equator . In other words, it is a projection of the terrestrial equator out into space. As result of the Earth's axial tilt , the celestial equator is inclined by ~23.5° with respect to the ecliptic plane . North and South Celestial Points: Two imaginary points in the sky where the Earth's axis of rotation , "infinitely extended", intersects
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Unformatted text preview: the imaginary rotating celestial sphere. Celestial Meridian: A great circle goes along North-South directions and crosses Zenith point of an observer. Zenith: Over head point of an observer. Ecliptic: The apparent path that the Sun traces out along the sky, in relation to the stars, and aligns with the planets throughout the course of the year Constellations and Stars Constellation Name Constellation Figure Main Star / Important Star(s) Ursa Major UMa Mizar/Alcor Ursa Minor UMi Polaris Draco Dra Thuban Leo Leo Cancer Cnc Gemini Gem Orion Ori Taurus Tau Canis Major CMa Andromeda And Perseus Per Cassiopeia Cas...
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celestail guides for astron lab - the imaginary rotating...

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