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COMM103 f07 final - 1 Ancient Maya GAME OF LIFE AND DEATH...

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Ancient Maya 1 GAME OF LIFE AND DEATH The game of life and death How an ancient ball game ties into Mayan culture Adrian Hernandez San Diego State University 1
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Ancient Maya SPEECH OVERVIEW AUDIENCE: General uninformed public and classmates. TOPIC: Ancient Mayan culture. PURPOSE: To give and provide an insight on ancient Mayan culture and religious rituals. THESIS / CENTRAL IDEA: Understanding the complexity and rituals of ancient Mayan culture allows an interesting insight on ancient Mesoamerican religions and beliefs. I. Introduction A. Life and death depending on the number of times a rubber ball goes through a hoop. B. Ancient religions believed in human sacrifice in attempt to appeal to their powerful and almighty gods. How far are you willing to go to appeal to your god in attempt to keep order in the world . Would you have played the GAME OF LIFE AND DEATH? C. After visiting the ancient ruins and researching ancient Mayan culture I feel I know enough to explain the mesoamerican ball game and its significance in ancient Mayan
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COMM103 f07 final - 1 Ancient Maya GAME OF LIFE AND DEATH...

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