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Clare Sullivan Professor Condella Academic Convocation Response Questions September 17, 2007 Last week’s Convocation ceremony officially started Salve Regina’s yearlong celebration of the university’s 60 th anniversary. Maria Elena Gonzalez, RSM, former president of the Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio, the featured speaker, gave an inspirational speech on the extreme importance of acceptance in today’s society. Gonzalez stressed the importance of accepting who you are, sticking to you goals and morals, leaning to love yourself, and not being pressured into becoming someone you are not. The Convocation ceremony revived my aspiration to remain true to the morals and
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Unformatted text preview: standards I set for myself before I arrived at Salve. I have known other people that let college change them for the worse because they distanced themselves from their faith and their true friends in order to be “accepted”. What is the purpose of seeking acceptance of others when you risk losing respect for yourself? This year I intend to remain loyal to those who truly care for me and know that if I push myself, I can achieve anything. The strong community that is Salve can help me realize who I truly am and help me become a better person....
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