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History 2300 Exam II Review Identifications (40% of exam grade) First Continental Congress George Washington Thomas Paine John Locke Loyalists Hessians Carlisle Commission Articles of Confederation Valley Forge Deborah Sampson Battle of Yorktown Baron von Steuben Treaty of Paris Shays Rebellion Virginia Plan (large states) New Jersey Plan (small states) 3/5ths Clause Northwest Ordinance Republican Motherhood Aaron Burr Charles Talleyrand Treaty of San Ildefonso Marbury v. Madison Embargo Act (1807) War Hawks Thomas Boyle Missouri Compromise Erie Canal Monroe Doctrine Sequoyah Andrew Jackson Nat Turner Trail of Tears Oregon Trail Panic of 1837 Frederick Douglass Dorothea Dix A good identification answer includes a bit of background information, gives a general time
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Unformatted text preview: frame, mentions the people or groups involved, defines the term with examples and explains any resulting actions. Essays (60% of exam grade) 1) How did the Second Constitutional Convention solve the problems of the Articles of Confederation? 2) Compare & contrast the lives of slaves and free African Americans in the early 1800s. 3) What complications did Thomas Jefferson face in buying the Louisiana Purchase? 4) Explain the role of reformers in two of the following areas: abolition, immigration, education, womens rights REMEMBER: All extra credit is due on or before the exam....
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