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Test_09_Answrs - Test 9 Test_9 1 Which muscles are...

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Test 9 Page 1 of 5 Test_9 1. Which muscles are innervated by the motor neurons, situated in the cervical enlargement of the spinal cord? Choose the correct option. A) Arm muscles B) Thorax C) Leg muscles D) Head and neck 2. Which is the first step in the contraction phase of the excitation-contraction coupling? Choose the correct option. 3. What type of motor neurons ensures that the spindle continues to provide information about muscle length during muscle contraction? Choose the correct option. 4. Name two ways in which the CNS grades muscle contraction ______ _________ ____________ and ___________ ___________ ________. 5. In the hierarchy of motor control, w hich of the following is a function at the lowest level of control? Choose the correct option. A) Activation of motor neurons that generates goal-directed movement B) Sequences of muscle contraction to accurately achieve the goal C) The goal of movement and the best method to achieve this goal D) Memory of sensory information from the past movements 6. Which of the following is a symptom of cerebellar damage? Choose the correct option. 7. What is the role of neurons in the deep cerebellar nuclei? Choose the correct option. A) Relays information from cortex to the cerebellum
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Test 9 Page 2 of 5 B) Relays information from the cerebellum to various brain stem structures C) Relays sensory information to the cerebellum D) Relays motor information to the cerebellum 8. When making tactical decisions, which part of the motor hierarchy controls the sequence of muscle contractions? Choose the correct option. Question 9: What did Sherrington call the “final common pathway,” and why? Question 10: Define, in one sentence, motor unit. How does it differ from motor neuron pool? Question 11: Which is recruited first, a fast motor unit or a slow motor unit? Why? Question 12: Your doctor taps the tendon beneath your kneecap and your leg extends. What is the neural basis of this reflex? What is it called? Question 14: What is the function of gamma motor neurons? Question 15: Lenny, a character in Steinbeck’s classic book Of Mice and Men , loved rabbits, but when he hugged them, they were crushed to death. Which type of proprioceptive input might Lenny have been lacking?
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