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was also called the electric street car, which was introduced in 1888. It was first pulled by horses but after some time, it was electrified. The advantage of this system was that it was cheap and it didn’t need an elaborate braking system. Filth theory was a belief that disease was caused by dirt and filth. It was introduced mainly in the industrialization period when machinery increased. As time progressed, so did the filth of many cities across the united states. King Gillette developed and patented the safety razor. Gillette grew up in Chicago but then moved to New York where he spent most of his life. He had invented several different things, and had them pantented, but none were as successful as the razor. Tenement House Reform was called 'dumbbell' because of its shape. It was the winning entry in a contest to determine the best mass housing plan tp fit a 25X100 ft. lot. The narrow shaft was designed to provide light and air, but insted it acted as a receptacle for garbage. Commission Government ?? Mercantilism An economic system of the major trading nations during the 16 th through 18th century based on the premise that wealth and power was best served by policies of economic regulation. Urban merchants in America involved in overseas trade were the first to want a new governmental form, the Constitution, which would facilitate commerce and create economic stability. Daniel Burnham a architect and the supervisor for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893-94. They built a “White City” with neoclassical buildings, streets, sewers, a water system and other services. It did not resemble most inner cities of the time and was part of the City Beautiful movement. He was hired by cities to plan new public buildings and civic centers with other planners: He was hired to finish L’Enfant’s plan for Washington D.C. in 1900. He also submitted a plan for Chicago in 1909 that became a very influential city planning document. Jacob Riis a New York immigrant and journalist, who, with other journalists, investigated inner-city crowding, aroused public concern, and prompted legislation. This generated similar housing reform movements in other cites in the late 19 th century. He gained national prominence after releasing a book in 1890 called How the Other Half Lives . L'Enfant's Washington Plan as directed by Congress President George Washington appointed Pierre Charles L’Enfant, a French engineer and architect, to prepare a design for Washington D.C. in 1791. The plan was halted and not reattempted until 1900 due to lack of funds. It became the first modern city on an undeveloped site. It had significant government buildings, diagonal avenues, no wall or fortification around the capital, and a mall between the Capitol and Potomac River. Pittsburgh Survey
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studyguide1.2 - Trolley was also called the electric street...

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