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UP101 9.30.05 - better infrastructures Coping with...

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9/30/2005 Chudacoff/Smith – Chapter 5 Migration, Old and New 1. Discuss the differences between old (1840s-1880s) and new (1880s-1920s) immigrants. 2. Why did immigrants migrate to the United States? 3. How did immigrants get to the interior of the country? 4. What were the experiences of immigrants like when they reached the U.S.? 5. How were the living and employment patterns of African Americans distinct? Housing and Health Problems for Immigrants 1. What were the Tenement House Act and the Tenement House Law? 2. Why was the dumbbell tenement house designed? Was the design effective? 3. What negative effects resulted from the privatization of housing? 4. How did scientific developments of the 1880s and 1890s lead cities to implement
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Unformatted text preview: better infrastructures? Coping with Inner-City Life 1. Describe household patterns of the 1880s/90s: a.) working-class families b.) kin groupings c.) boarding and lodging houses 2. List advantages and disadvantages of kinship. 3. What role did ethnic neighborhoods play for new immigrants? 4. Explain the concept of the ghetto. Patterns of Social Mobility 1. What were the three ways that people could improve their socio-economic status? Were these ways to get ahead available to all people? 2. What was the Charity Organization Society (COS)? 3. Identify two main ways that urban social unrest was averted....
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