recon - 1 At the end of the civil war president Lincoln had...

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1 At the end of the civil war president Lincoln had to find a way to bring the country back together. His plan for Reconstruction was very lenient because he believed that the south had never actually seceded from the Union. He announced his plan for reconstruction in December 1863. He hoped that the Southern Unionist (mostly former Whigs) would become the center of the new Southern governments. In order for a state to regain its seats in Congress the state had to meet certain requirements. His plan offered amnesty to Southern male white votes, unless one was a high political or military official in the Confederacy, that pledge an oath to the United States and accepted the abolishment of slavery. After ten percent of the voters from 1860 had taken the oath than a new state government could be set-up. Lincoln wanted suffrage for Freedmen (the newly freed African Americans) that were educated, owned property, or served in the Union army, but he left that up to each state. Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee reestablished loyal government under these guidelines in 1864. Radical Republicans were outraged by the mildness of Lincoln’s plan, so they refused to admit the representative from the reestablish states into Congress. The radical Republicans believed that the Southern states were conquered territory and so want much more severe term in order fro the states to be readmitted. In response to Lincoln’s plan, the radicals push the Wade- Davis Bill through congress in July 1864. The Bill called for the president to appoint a provisional governor to each conquered state. After a majority of the white male voters in a state had pledged an allegiance to the Union than that state could call a state constructional
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recon - 1 At the end of the civil war president Lincoln had...

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