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Sociology Readings - Sociology Readings: Notes "The...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology Readings: Notes "The Border Patrol State" Leslie Silko Not everyone sees authority and its agents through the same eyes . Early 20 th century Native Americans had been denied the freedom to travel. She argues that no citizen, no person is free to travel w/o the scrutiny of the Border patrol Human beings are natural forces of the Earth, just as rivers, and wins are natural forces. Uses force against people who don’t cooperate Lack of probable cause/racial profiling Abusive power Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848-right of the Papago people to move freely across the U.S. Mexico border w/o documents. "Maid in the U.S.A." Mary Romero Participant observation and interviews uncover an unseen world of social relations, discrimination, and ordinary people trying to manage a decent life. Mary Romero violated the normative expectations of class behavior within the home b/c she was helping the maid do the dishes Two households of care Domestic work = invisible, mistreated Unending shifts Class and race oppression, lack of respect of workers Lack of clarification of domestic work “Foundations of Third World Poverty” John Isbister The worst problems faced by poor countries have a lot to do with the actions of rich countries, in the past and today Daily routine = factory Capitalism is to blame for 3 rd world countries Capitalist vs. village societies Abuse of subsistence farming...
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Sociology Readings - Sociology Readings: Notes "The...

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