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real estate nots feb 9

real estate nots feb 9 - III Time Value of Money a $ today...

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2/9 I. Adverse Posession a. When encroachment becomes a problem b. Similar to prescriptive easement c. Occurs when someone uses someone else’s land under a claim of title, as though it were their own II. For adverse possession to be proved, use must be a. Actual b. Open/visible c. Hostile/notorious d. Continuous e. Exclusive- has to do with use, not user f. Must be used for statutory period- TX 10 yrs then adverse possession will be granted i. Comes from old English common law that says land must be used productively Tacking- can add on different periods of ownership Texas also requires property taxes paid to have adverse possession
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Unformatted text preview: III. Time Value of Money a. $ today is worth more that a $ tomorrow b. Present Value (PV)- value of money today at t=0 c. Future Value (FV)- value of $ at some point in the future d. Reversion- a one time lump sum to be receive in the future e. Compounding- calculation of FV f. Discounting- calculation of PV g. Net Present Value (NPV)- PV of the cash flows in minus PV of the cash flows out h. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)- discount rate that causes NPV=0...
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