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Robert Imig Industrial consolidation, public sphere, repressive tolerance, net neutrality, and community media The invention of the internet created a network opportunity for small business owners which allowed for exposure beyond any other previous method. The internet has acted like an open airwave for anyone who wants to get information into the public. This has been referred to as “Network Neutrality”, which is “the guiding principle that preserves the free and open Internet.” (“Save the internet” 1) The problem arising today is that content providers want to regulate the internet so that the speed of websites will be determined on a tier basis by how much the owner of the website is willing to fork up. (Wired 2) I understand the point of view that the content providers have but I also believe that this would be incredibly unfair for startup companies and small business owners. I believe there could be an easy compromise that could take place. The average user has internet speed at about 3mbps, RPI is about 6mbps. I believe it
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RobertImig_091807 - Robert Imig Industrial consolidation...

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