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Robert Imig Concepts: profession, ethics, suppression, backfire, ethics of cost-benefit analysis Engineering defects happen. It is as plain as that, but the real question is why they happened. Usually one can trace back a defect to one or more conflicts that happened in the production or creation of the product. In these three cases, the defects can be traced back to a couple different conflicts. In the first case, Ford Motor Company is being questioned for selling “cars in which it knew hundreds of people would needlessly burn to death.” (Dowie 1) This statement may be slightly exaggerated but the main concept is correct. Ford Motor Company made a decision that put the lives of its customers in danger. The problem was the fuel tank. “Ford engineers discovered in pre-production crash tests that rear-end collisions would rupture the Pinto's fuel system extremely easily.”(Dowie 2) Instead of stopping production or adjusting the model, engineers pressed on afraid of being fired. “Safety wasn't a popular subject around Ford in those days.” (Dowie 4) This product failure was mainly due to cost and time. The president wanted the Pinto to be under $2,000 and done in under 25 months. “The normal time span from conception to production of a new car model is about 43 months.” (Dowie 3) The
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RobertImig_092507 - Robert Imig Concepts: profession,...

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