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Robert Imig Prof. Hess 11/06/07 Renewable Energy Renewable energy is becoming increasing in popularity by the day. With all the news on global warming and diminishing resources, renewable energy seems to be the answer. Renewable energy uses resources that do not diminish, providing a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy source. Renewable energy would be a great alternative to traditional energy powered by fossil fuels. This switch would be made possible by the power companies. Power companies can be publically or privately owned and can also buy power from others. One power company, Seattle City Light, is using hydroelectric power. “As a result of the mix of city-owned power and purchased power, about 90% of Seattle City Light’s total power supply was hydroelectric, making it one of the greenest utilities in the country in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.” (Hess 1) Another positive that Seattle City Light has is its active participation in energy conservation. The utility is taking continuous strides to achieve net zero
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RobertImig_110607 - Robert Imig Prof. Hess 11/06/07...

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