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Evaluating Alternative Cancer Therapies Discovering safe and efficient cancer treatments has been a goal for some time now. Many people believe that the key to life is finding the cure to cancer. The truth is that we may not be too far from it. Experts have put together scientific research to prove that there is the possibility of cancer therapies. Many experts are starting to devote all of their time to finding the cure for cancer. There is important criteria that patients need to know about before they try an alternative therapy method. This includes safety and efficacy, but also includes other criteria such as cost and ease-of-use. A patient must be able to afford the treatment he or she is receiving and also must be able to handle it. The patient cannot be put on an overwhelming schedule that they cannot handle, it would do no good. (Hess 197-198) A common claim can be that there is no scientific basis to alternative or complementary cancer therapies. Experts tend to agree to disagree with this statement. Experts also tend to agree that “the belief that eliminating risk
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RobertImig_112007 - Evaluating Alternative Cancer Therapies...

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