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Concepts: Medical pluralism, autonomy, beneficence The health and safety of the kids of America has always been a great priority. Government officials try to make sure that the children are protected and are receiving the treatment needed to be healthy. A controversy is created when the parents believe that another treatment is better suited for their child other than the treatment officials believe is beneficial. Chemotherapy is a popular treatment for cancer which has tremendous impact on a patient. Billy was a patient who could not take it anymore, he said that “chemo was killing him rather than curing him.” (Best 1) In a note he left his parents the day he ran away. Chemotherapy was obviously not the right treatment for Billy, but the government believed differently. After Billy’s parents decided to diverge away from chemo and to try alternative therapies, the hospital reported them to the “Department of Social Services in Massachusetts as unfit parents and tried to have Billy taken away.” (Best 1) Billy and his family tried Essiac and 714X for about 6
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RobertImig_112707 - Concepts Medical pluralism autonomy...

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