wta and pr - British "winner-take-all" system vs....

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British “winner-take-all” system vs. “Proportional Representation” “Winner-take-all” or First past the post (FPTP) Single member districts, plurality winning Pull political parties toward the center Less representative—especially of minorities, considered less fairer o A. 51% B.49%, A wins straight up Elecotral campaigning—put pressure for parties on middle votes o Forces to change ideologies to win votes When party wins election, governs in majoritarian way Proportional Representation France, Italy, Irish Republic—Use to be PR Israel, Germany and Russia—dual system(combo of WTA and PR) now Tends to be more representative of minority o Facilitates party proliferation (too many parties) o In campaigns, less incentive to compromise political views/ideologies o Post-elections, some pressure to form coalitions Become “coalition gov’t” make coalition with too many parties—becomes politicall fluid Multi-member district or nation as electoral pool
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wta and pr - British "winner-take-all" system vs....

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