Beirut to newyorkrevised

Beirut to newyorkrevised - Richie Kline Eng 56 Sherr...

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Richie Kline Eng. 56/ Sherr 02.18.07 From Beirut to Los Angeles Patiently waiting on the boat from Beirut to New York sat eight year old Katherine Mary Corbian, an already betrothed Armenian Orthodox, on her bed. Receiving her meals through a rectangular slot in the door of her first suite, she kept the promise that she’d made to her parents that no matter what happened, she wouldn’t open the door until she arrived in New York. For when she’d arrive in the states she’d traverse eight states to attend Saint Mary’s Prep in Los Angeles, California, and she’d ultimately find that stepping into life situations against her heart’s desire would steer her towards her own demise. The young man that she was betrothed to wasn’t unlike any typical Lebanese first born son. Coming from a family with strong ties to business and military, Hanna Hanna Asali was fated to be a man of many pressures and burdens. The only retreat he’d learn to find from his predestined life would be through scotch and cigars. Coming from Beirut, Lebanon himself he had an ethnocentric way of thinking. Although it was exponentially more liberal than the mindset of other near eastern cultures, it still included gender rules about how women should behave. The conservative gender rules of a dominantly Christian culture could
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Beirut to newyorkrevised - Richie Kline Eng 56 Sherr...

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