BRAE-California Water Plan

BRAE-California Water Plan - California Water Plan Update...

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California Water Plan. Update 2004 1. California’s diverse community, environments, businesses, climates, land uses, geology, and variable hydrology are all issues to be considered when planning and managing water. California is the third largest state in the nation, and the most populated with more than 36 million people. California is full of natural resources, and water is the crucial element that drives its trillion dollar economy. California provides food and fiber crop products not only to Californians, but also to other states and countries. Since California is the top ranked state in value of agricultural production, contributing more than half of the nation’s fruit, nut and vegetable production. This consumes and will continue to consume much more water than is consumed by all other household needs. Freshwater biodiversity has been declining throughout California ever since the early 1800’s along with the degradation of aquatic and riparian habitats. Many rivers and streams do not exhibit a natural flow pattern which directly affects the water quality, the species and habitats around them, commercial fisheries, and the ecosystem functions. Issues concerning water and energy management in California have grown to be very complex, and have environmental and economic impacts. The State Water Project consumes roughly 10% of the state’s entire electricity pumping, treating, and distributing water and wastewater. Pressure has been added to local and state water supplies because of increasing use of fresh water for the cooling of power
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BRAE-California Water Plan - California Water Plan Update...

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