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FLUID MILK:   Milk production is steady to higher across the Southwest.  Weather conditions  continue to impact output growth in New Mexico, but gains are noted across most of California.   The southern producing areas of California are drying out from recent heavy rains and production  is steady to higher.  Milk is building in the Pacific Northwest as warmer weather develops.   Concerns over higher hay prices are being expressed.  Steady production levels in Utah and  Idaho are coming into plants at average protein and fat levels.  Midwestern production is steady  with recent weeks as solids levels move slightly lower.  Class 1 milk interest is steady to higher.   In the Southeast, the milk flow is moving up at a slower pace.  Ice storms disrupted transportation  and created panic buying ahead of the fronts.  The Northeastern milk supplies are building slightly 
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Unformatted text preview: following favorable weather. Fluid milk interest is good. Seasonal cream items are doing well and ice cream production varies. Milk prices lower for January Wednesday, February 2, 2005, 11:50 AM by Bob Meyer The average U.S. milk price for January should be $15.90 per hundredweight, down 50 cents from December. Wisconsin dairy producers will see the biggest decline, $1.80 off December to $15.80. Minnesota producers will see the next-biggest drop, $1.10 to an even $16.00 for January. The nation's largest dairy state, California will see the average price at $14.40, 32 cents below the December price. Two states will see their January price the same as December, New York and Virginia. Three states, Florida, Kentucky and Missouri, will see their price go up from the previous month.
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