intro to teaching- reaction 3

intro to teaching- reaction 3 - then have to go to school...

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D’Agnilli 1 Michael D’Agnilli Intro to teaching Dr. Spearmen 11 February 2008 Reaction paper 3 I thought that this chapter hit on a lot of very important and relevant issues that affect not only students but how teachers have to react to the students. The main highlights I felt were how the family has changed in America, poverty, and overall delinquency in are youth today. The first two more focused on the younger kids, and the later concerned with the teens and high school students. I was pretty amazed when I looked at the statistics at how much the American family has changed over the years; the most staggering to me was that divorce rates have quadrupled between 1978-2000. I myself am blessed to have two parents who are going on their 25 anniversary this July, not that they didn’t have their qualms I’m sure ever couple does, but they stuck it out. I can only imagine what it would be like for a little kid to go through a divorce and
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Unformatted text preview: then have to go to school every day and teachers have to try and help him cope while handing an entire class at the same time. Going up my family had very little money because my father got laid off for a while and couldnt find a job. We werent in a terribly bad shape but, I had much less money than my peers as we lived on the outskirts of a fairly rich suburban area and was sometimes ridiculed for my fanatical position. So I defiantly understand how poor kids feel not really fitting in with in school. DAgnilli 2 Lastly the topic of our youth going to hell in a bucket at a staggering rate. The fact that jumped out to me the most was that 18% of high school students say that they have been threatened or injured with a weapon while on school property. That says that we have a very big problem if some students are afraid to go to school. And how can you teach someone who is wondering if the kid next to them has a gun?...
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intro to teaching- reaction 3 - then have to go to school...

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