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D’Agnilli 1 Michael D’Agnilli Intro to teaching Dr. Spearmen 24 February 2008 Reaction 5 I thought this chapter was a very interesting one because I really don’t know the interworking of the American school system. My long time goal, in terms of career, is to be a principal of a high school but until now I never really knew how to go about that goal. I also liked the part in section 4 that talked about an effective school. I came from a small town in north Jersey so most of the number fit what an effective school should be. As mentioned earlier I hope someday to be a high school principal, not because I especially like organizing things or managing anything but because they get paid a lot more then teachers.
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Unformatted text preview: But before this chapter I wasn’t entirely sure what it was exactly that a principal actually did in terms of his everyday activities. I still want to be a principal but I think that I have a better understanding of the complicated process of the interworkings of the school system. I am an alumni from Butler High school, and with a graduating class of 113 to say it was a small school is a gross understatement. I always thought that my school was too small and according to the book I was correct, they said that the ideal school size is between 600 and 900. I also think that my school didn’t have very good academic focus. spirit...
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