intro to teaching- reaction 7

intro to teaching- reaction 7 - For example I had a hard...

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D’Agnilli 1 Michael D’Agnilli Intro to teaching Dr. Spearmen 24 February 2008 Reaction 7 This chapter was on the effective instruction in America schools, basically it was discussing how to teach kids the subject matter that you will be teaching. In the chapter they talked about different methods of teaching for different grade levels and different students based on their learning styles. The ones that I liked were giving real world examples, guided discovery, and I also liked the part where they gave you some tips and instructions on the praxis test. The only part I didn’t find that good or relevant was the section on teaching in urban schools, because I don’t plan on teaching in one. Also because there is no real defined way to teach inner city kids in my option, because if there were it would be easier to get them to cooperate and learn. For me personally I need to see real world examples of thing to help me learn them so I would probably use that teaching style just because that’s how I learn.
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Unformatted text preview: For example I had a hard time learning algebra because I found it very abstract and pointless, but I lover physics even though it uses the same math I found it easier to understand when it had real world ties. I have also found in my schooling experiences that the best teachers will not just give you the facts but will go though the information and make you discover it yourself. I think this is why I never liked history because the material is basically just lists of information and kids don’t want to learn that it’s way to tedious. The book described how you have to ask questions and D’Agnilli 2 make the kids find out themselves because then they get involved and they want to learn and it also gets stored in the brain easier. Lastly I thought it was very good that they but in the part about the praxis because that is something that I will eventually have to do and I want to do a good job on it....
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intro to teaching- reaction 7 - For example I had a hard...

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