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Bio hw 3 - Biology 2: Concepts In Genetics (Hecht) Homework...

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Biology 2: Concepts In Genetics (Hecht) Homework Set #3 1. If the dominant allele K is necessary for hearing, and the dominant allele M of another independent gene results in deafness no matter what other genes are present, what percentage of the offspring produced by the cross k / k M / m K / k m / m will be deaf? there is a 75% chance that their offspring will be deaf 2. Suppose that an allele, b , of a sex-linked gene is recessive and lethal. A man marries a woman who is heterozygous for this gene. If this couple had many normal children, what would be the predicted sex ratio of these children? The ratio will be 2:1 in favor of the females 3. Red-green color-blindness is inherited as a sex-linked recessive. If a color- blind woman marries a man who has normal vision, what would be the expected phenotypes of their children with reference to this character? All of the males would be color blind and none of the females would 4. A man and his wife both have normal color vision, but a daughter has red- green color blindness, a sex-linked recessive trait. The man sues his wife for divorce on grounds of infidelity. Can genetics provide evidence supporting his case? Yes because in order for the girl to be his child he would have to be color blind 5. It is exceedingly difficulty to determine the sex of very young chickens, but it is easy to tell, by visual observation, whether or not their feathers are barred. The barred pattern is inherited as a sex-linked dominant trait. Set up a cross allowing the sex of all chicks to be determined when they hatch. You would cross a barred feathered female and a male without barred
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Bio hw 3 - Biology 2: Concepts In Genetics (Hecht) Homework...

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