Biology 2- homework 4

Biology 2- homework 4 - Biology 2: Concepts In Genetics...

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Homework Set #4: Linkage between two genes 1. a. You are studying two genes. Gene "A" has two alleles, A and a ; allele A is dominant over allele a . Gene "B" also has two alleles, B and b ; allele B is dominant over allele b . You perform the following cross: P1 AABB aabb What is the expected genotype of the F1 generation? The expected genotype of F1 is all heterozygous, AaBb b. Draw each of the possible arrangements of the chromosomes of an F1 individual during meiosis. Underneath each drawing indicate the "genotypes" of each of the gametes that result from that particular meiotic arrangement. Assume for now that the genes are on different chromosomes. c. You perform a test cross between an F1 female individual and an aabb male individual. What is the expected phenotypic ratio? there is a 1:1:1:1 ratio that you will get Aa/Bb, Aa/bb, aa/Bb, aa/bb d. Suppose after carrying out the test cross you observe the following progeny: Class I AB 431 Class II Ab 39 Class III aB 44 Class IV ab 449 Do these results match your expectations as predicted in part c? No they do not match expectations at all e. What are the genotypes of each of the classes of test cross progeny listed in part d? f. What gametes from the female in your test cross gave rise to each of the phenotypic classes listed in part d? Which gametes are overrepresented? Which gametes are underrepresented? Class 1 A/a B/b, Class 2 is A/a b/b, class 3 a/a B/b, class 4 a/a b/b g. If the "A" and "B" genes are on the same chromosome, what do the chromosomes of the F1 female look like before crossing over? Compare these chromosomes to those from the AABB and aabb parents of the P1 generation. ABxAB
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Biology 2- homework 4 - Biology 2: Concepts In Genetics...

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