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Carpp 1 Jeffrey Carpp Constellation Project Professor Anderson AST2002 10199 My constellation project was dealing with the constellation Gemini. The Gemini constellation is one of the constellations in the Zodiac known as “the twins.” Gemini is seen during the winter season in the sky. It is located between Taurus to the west and Cancer to the east. Gemini has the two bright stars that can be seen by the naked eye, Pollux and Castor. The mythology behind the constellation Gemini has to do with Pollux and Castor. Pollux and Castor were brothers and their parents were Zeus and Leda. The story goes that Zeus seduced Leda when she was in the form of a swan, after that the twins were born. When Castor was killed in a battle, Pollux’s was devastated so he asked Zeus to kill him. So with those wishes Zeus had placed the two brothers forever in the stars. Together they are known as the two “heavenly twin” stars. Ironically the two brothers were nothing alike. Pollux happened to be the stronger twin so Zeus made him the brighter
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