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Jeffrey Carpp N00595743 Word Count: 550 26 February 2008 CD Review: Paper Walls The CD that I have chosen to review is called Paper Walls by Yellowcard, which Yellowcard is from Jacksonville, Florida. This CD was released on July 17, 2007 and reached number thirteen on the U.S. Billboard. The CD Paper Walls is a blend of music of alternative rock and punk. This CD has a great blend a variety of styles of music and also includes a violin. This CD was made recently in the past year and is contributing to one of the last recordings that Yellowcard has made. In this CD the band is made up of four men now and have gone through many different players. Ryan Key is the main vocalist and plays a little guitar. Sean Mackin is the man with the violin and backs up Ryan throughout the CD with vocals. Ryan Mendez is the lead guitarist, and Longineu Parsons III has been with the band since it started in 1997. In a couple of the songs throughout the CD Sean Mackin has soloist with his violin that makes the CD just amazing to listen to. Being able to add a violin to a
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