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1000 word paper

1000 word paper - Jeffrey Carpp N00595743 Word Count 1,143...

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Jeffrey Carpp N00595743 Word Count: 1,143 26 February 2008 Angels and Airwaves I have chosen to write my paper on the band Angels and Airwaves. They have been my favorite band for the past year and a half. Their music is not like a lot of other bands. Angels and Airwaves mainly base their music on stories and events that have happened in the past and are quite serious in their lyrics. They have put themselves in the genre of music of Rock and Punk. Angles and Airwaves is quite a new band and they are just growing day by day. Angels and Airwaves came to the music stardom in 2005 with four band members. Tom DeLonge, the creator of Angels and Airwaves, was the vocalist and guitarist in the band Blink-182 until they went underbelly and are no longer a band. Tom now is the vocalist and guitarist of Angels and Airwaves and makes up most of the lyrics to their songs. Next, David Kennedy is the lead guitarist and plays the electronic keyboard in the band. He was formerly part of the bands Over My Dead Body, Hazen Street and Box Car Racer. The drummer for the band is Adam “Atom” Willard. He has played in a couple of non-popular bands until he joined Angels and Airwaves and has been with them since 2005. The first bass player was Ryan Sinn, who started with the band The Distillers. Ryan, in 2007, decided to write on a fan club wall post that he no longer was part of Angels and Airwaves, which later made the decision easier for the rest of the members to get rid of him. The reason for him quitting was later realized that he
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