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Picture 5 - Take Assessment Eckert-Ginel Quiz Week 1 U m l...

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Unformatted text preview: Take Assessment. Eckert-Ginel Quiz - Week 1 U m l mm mm Name Etxert-Ginet Cuiz - Week 1 hsirumlons You have 20 n'lnuies to take this quiz. The questions will be present one-at-a-iirne, so when you subrrltan answerto one questions,anoil1erques1ions will appear. Onoe you have subn'ltlad an answerio a quesion. you will notbe able to return to the queston a second iirne. Also. you only have one opportlnity to take this quiz. so ityou begin the quiz. you should tinish it. need Assessment This Test has a 20 n'lnuie iimer.Tl1e elapsed iirne appears at the lop Iightofihe window. A 1 Inhale warning will be displayed. mm Attempts Not allowed. This Testtan only be taken onoe. ForeeGomsh‘llon This Testrmstbeoon'pleied now. Becks-sexing Prollnlled This Test does not allow baddraddng. Changes to the answer afier subn'lssion are prohibited. ' Question Completion Status: I Question 5 1 points Save Eckert and Ginet feel gender behavior is the result of: O a. language Interactens. O b.9ducatlon. O c.1'amllys’a'ucmre. 0 d. lifetime experiences. Musing to His next question prevent: dlangee In Il'lie answer. Cum 5 e! 10 I b ...
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