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Picture 4 - Take Assessment Eckerl-Ginel Quiz Week 7 r m n...

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Unformatted text preview: Take Assessment. Eckerl-Ginel Quiz - Week 7 r m n sec Name EdterlpGinetQIiz - Week 7 Inflation You have 20 ninuies to iake ihis quiz. The questions will be present one-at-a-iirne. so when you submit an answerio one quesiions. anoiher questions will appear. Onoe you have suhrrltled an answerio a quesiion. you will notbe able to reiurn 1o ihe queston a second iirne. Also. you only have one opporlunity lo iake ihis quiz. so ityou begin ihe quiz. you should finish it. need Assessment This Test has a 2D n'lnuie iimer.The elapsed iime appears at ihe lop rightofihe window. A1 mhute warning will be displayed. In!“ Attempts Not allowed. This Testtah only be iaken onoe. Force Comm 111is Test n'ustbe oorrpleted now. Em Prellalted This Test does not allow haddrauang. Changes to the answer afier suhn'lssion are prohibited. ' Question Completion Status: I Question 4 1 points Save According to Eckerl and McConnell—Ginet. the description of female speech in Phillips cnline manual is scientifically based. 0 True 0 False Mou‘mglzolheneflquaefion plemanla dlangaelzolhieanawar. MAM“! I b ...
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