Astronomy Test 1 Review

Astronomy Test 1 Review - Galileo - Used a telescope and...

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Topics Covered in Class for test 1 **Night Sky Viewing* Polaris Circumpolar Daily, and annual motions due to the motion of the Earth Constellations Celestial Sphere Right Ascension and Declination Altitude(Alt.), Azimuth(Az.), Zenith, Nadir, Horizon -Zodiac -Ecliptic Phases of the Moon -Eclipses - Total, Partial, Annular, Solar, Lunar Why don’t Eclipses happen every month? Retrograde motion **History of Astronomy** Aristotle - most associated with the ancient greek world view Aristarchus - rejected the Geocentric world view and supported the Heliocentric view Eratosthenes - accurately determined the size of the Earth Ptolemy – Almagest Geocentric model of the Universe Heliocentric model Copernicus - Heliocentric world view Tycho Brahe - Last astronomer without a telescope. Provided Kepler with the data needed in order to develop his three Laws J. Kepler - Three Laws of Planetary Motion
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Unformatted text preview: Galileo - Used a telescope and challenged the conventional wisdom of the motion of objects and the nature of the heavens (a and b below challenged the geocentric model, c and d challenged the idea that the heavenly object were perfect) Telescope observations: a) Phases of Venus b) Moons of Jupiter c) Sunspots d) Mountains on the Moon Newton - Three Laws of Motion and universal Law of Gravity **Light/Electromagnetic Radiation** Wave nature of Light Frequency* wavelength = velocity of light Electromagnetic waves Long wavelength to short - Radio, infrared, visible, ultrraviolet, x-ray,gamma-ray Blackbody Absolute zero Kelvin temperature scale Wien's Law Stefan-Boltzmann Law Continuous spectrum Emission line spectrum Adsorption line spectrum Kirchhoff's Laws Doppler effect...
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Astronomy Test 1 Review - Galileo - Used a telescope and...

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