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Morgan Katz 16146765 Quiz 1 Essay Questions 1.California is known to be an extremely fertile and attractive state due to many reasons. California, part of the Pacific Rim, has become a modern economic powerhouse. The dynamic geologic process continues to shape many amazing landforms such as giant mountain ranges and valleys. Natural processes have greatly impacted how humans settle and live on the land. More immigrants settle in California than any other state with mostly Asians and Pacific Islanders. Populous regions started where water was abundant in the fertile farmland. 1.Historical events that were vital turning points in California's human history: 1. Gold Rush - Created a great influx of population and economic boom. 2. Fossil fuels - The discovery of rich oil and gas deposits lie beneath California's thick layers of sedimentary rock. 3. Pleistocene Ice Age - Large glaciers cut deeper valleys into the Sierra Nevada, Klamath, and Cascade Mountains. 4.
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