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Stat120C Homework 2 (due Thursday April 17, 2008) Instructor: Zhaoxia Yu TA: Vinh Nyugen Note : Where appropriate, all relevant software code and output should be also handed in. Prbolem 1. (12.5.2 of Rice) Verify that if I = 2, the estimate s 2 p of Theorem A of Section 11.2.1 is the s 2 p given in Section 12.2.1. Problem 2. (12.5.3 of Rice) For a one-way analysis of variance with I = 2 treatment groups, show that the F statistic is t 2 , where t is the usual t statistic for a two-sample case. Problem 3. (modified from 12.5.6 of Rice) Prove this version of the Bonferroni inequality: P ( n i =1 A i ) 1 - n X i =1 P ( A c i ) (Hint: induction) Problem 4. (modified from 12.5.26 of Rice) The concentration (in nanogram per milliliter) of plasma epinephrine were measured for 10 dogs under isofluorane, halothane, and cyclopropane anesthesia; the mea-
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Unformatted text preview: surements are given in the following table (Perry et al. 1974). Is there a dierence in treatment eects? (1) State the null and alternative hypothesis (2) Calculate the test statistic by hand or using a calculator, including constructing of a anova table and showing all the details of the sums of squares, df. Shoudl the null be rejected? (3) What assumptions are made to construct the test used in (2)? (4) Use the function aov in R to conrm your calculations. (5) Apply Bonferroni method to calculate a set of simultaneous 95% condence intervals for the pairwise comparision. 1...
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