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assignment2 - Assignment#2 As defined by Tamari Judaism...

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Assignment #2 As defined by Tamari, Judaism is “a communal and action-oriented religion” 1 most concerned with the way Jewish followers interact with one another and God. All earthly possessions, including land and wealth, have Divine origin. This means that all wealth, land, and goods belong to God and can only be cared for, not owned, by humans. Therefore, all economic dealings concern God and his possessions. There are no Jewish teachings condemning the pursuit or accumulation of wealth, as long as it is done justly within the laws and traditions of the Jewish faith. However, because all wealth belongs to God, it is the earthly owner’s responsibility to use it for God’s Will. Taxes must be paid to contribute to the community and assist the poor. Land must be appropriately cared for and the land of other Jews must be properly respected. Wealth is acquired through economic dealings; therefore, all commerce must be honest.
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