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Unformatted text preview: C: Very bad. The Japanese restaurant is closed. V: ~ < Y Y ' n K G x We can ride the bus and look for another restaurant, ok? J: ~ < Y Y ' n K G x,,2 If you want to go, you had better get on my bus now. C: 8 K G Ok, wait for us. V: < Y Y' Is there room for us? J: Yes. Please get on. C: ~ < Y Y ' n K G x,,2 Sir, may I ask, do you know of any good Chinese restaurants: J: I know of a couple. V: < YY' Please tell us how they are. J: One restaurant is next to the bookstore. C: 8 K G Ok. Is the food good? J: ~ < Y Y ' n K G x ,,2 Very good. The fish is delicious, and the meat is also good. V: 8 K G And what about the other restaurant? J:8 K G It is behind the university. C: 8 K G Does it have vegetarian dishes? J: Yes. The food is certainly to die for. V: < Y Y ' Which restaurant gave you a better impression? J: x ,, 2 G U ~Y ' ^ Y They are both good. However, the first one is at the next stop. C: 8 K G Great, we're here. V: ~ Thank you, kind sir. Goodbye. J: : Goodbye. ...
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