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Political science: 11-01-07 Readings: 80 pages- 80% of the article is a brief overview of presidents- Ronald regan. Relevancy of each president. Political participation: Bariers to increase voting Democrats outnumber the republicans Getting out the vote Weak democratic allegiance. Equal party power- regard to voting Republicans don’t want automatic registration People aren’t voting because of demographic background social issues. It’s really not that people aren’t choosing not to vote its because of different demographic issues- signing your name down- you don’t have to vote.
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Unformatted text preview: Demographic factor is like being poor. Not worried about voting. People who typically make less moneyWorking 12-15 hours a day. Middle class taxes are a bigger deal According to the author it would be apart of his argument what you need to remove- they aren’t voting because they are lazy. If you are forced to go to the polls- something that can force you do you think people would sign up or would they take the time to vote. Get a tax break when voting- get more money? And more voters? Last thing we need is more people voting for no reason...
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