PoliticalScience- Lecture- 10-30-07-T

PoliticalScience- Lecture- 10-30-07-T - Domesticated...

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Political science Exclusionary rule: evidence that is illegally obtained they don’t have a warrant. Warrant requirement. Exclusionary rule. If you don’t offer someone. If you don’t offer a confession. Just because certain evidence is excluded doesn’t mean all of it is. Enforce civil rights. The right against self incrimination. Arizona v. Miranda. Under certain ircumstances people must inform you of Miranda v. Arizona - must be held in custody- custodial interigation. When does it attatch. Coby - custody. You are not free to leave. Good fiath exclusion: if cops go and apply for a warrant to search a house. There was bad information but cops acted in good faith. That warrant is still allowed to take place. US. V. Leon New York v. Quarles: Inevitable discovery0 cops illegally search an area- defendant is arrest not marandized and confesses to where a body of a child is to where he killed.
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Unformatted text preview: Domesticated Issues: Why so many Americans opt not to vote Number of factors: Age: younger people dont vote Why? Income- whether or not have money Tax Brackets- wealthy vote more. Variables Wasps Minorities dont participate as much. Why people dont vote as much according to Cutner 1. fear of the state- antistatism 2. Weakness of political party 3. Lack of influence- do not have proportional representation Lack of confidence in political system Rational choice-individuals- maximize utility. Structurally order Go through process pay off Self interested? Utility: trying to maximize all goals Nature your goals are patriotic duty Local issues Types of voters. Inactive-little education Minority-no participation Compaigners-vote/ campaign. Non partisan-community act- local in non-partison Perocicel partipants Compulsory voting 1. allow voting 2. internet voting 3. AN ATTITUDE...
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PoliticalScience- Lecture- 10-30-07-T - Domesticated...

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