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Sociology 1301 – Spring Semester Project February 22, 2007 Wharton County Junior College Historic Sociological Writings and the World Today Society is one of the most complex concepts to study. Over the years sociologists have hypothesized that almost an unlimited number of things can affect a society in a certain way. Looking closely at Vilfredo Pareto’s “Circulation of the Elites,” William Graham Sumner’s “The Forgotten Man,” and Max Webster’s “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism,” one can see that the areas of sociology explored through the years have greater importance than place and time. Regardless of things going on in the world, societies act, for the most part, predictably when faced with circumstances. “Circulation of the Elites” by Vilfredo Pareto is relevant to today in many ways. Pareto seemed focused on ignoring other behavioral theories such as natural selection and deductive reasoning and suggested that in reality that all types of government from monarchies to democracies are governed by the elite. The leaders of the elite, those with the most money or “courage” dominate the others until they are overturned by someone who is a more “powerful” elite member. This is true of today’s political world where only the “rich” can be president of the U.S. or most likely any other country in the world. The person who challenges the President is often someone who has even more money and can out spend his or her opponents. Furthermore, in today’s world, we continue to label individuals in the same manner as Pareto describes. Item 2233 clearly describes the “upper class” as it is known today. Changes in our society would now have us including athletes, entertainers and real estate tycoons such as Donald Trump in that category. 2234 refers to the “middle class” who are working people who struggle to save from
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Sociology paper - Andrew Cohen Sociology 1301 Spring...

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