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acc extra credit - Beg Balance-Income Tax Expense(E SE Beg...

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Andrew Cohen PB 4-5 1. T-Accounts Cash (A) Beg. Balance 5 (a) 20 (c) 5 (d) 56 (g) 8 (j) 3 (b) 18 (e) 28 (f) 3 (h) 11 (l) 10 Accounts Receivable (A) Beg. Balance 4 (g) 8 Supplies (A) Beg. Balance 2 (i) 10 Small Tools (A) Beg. Balance 6 (f) 3 Equipment (A) Beg. Balance - (b) 18 Accumulated Depreciation (Equipment) (A) Beg. Balance - Other Assets (A) Beg. Balance 9 Accounts Payable (L) (h) 11 Beg. Balance 7 (d) 9 (e) 7 (i) 10
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Notes Payable (L) Beg. Balance - (a) 20 Wages Payable (L) Beg. Balance - Interest Payable (L) Beg. Balance - Income Taxes Payable (L) Beg. Balance - Unearned Revenue (L) Beg. Balance - (j) 3 Dividends Payable (L) (l) 10 Beg. Balance - (k) 10 Contributed Capital (SE) Beg. Balance 15 (c) 5 Retained Earnings (SE) Beg. Balance 4 Dividends Declared (D, SE) (k) 10 Beg. Balance - Service Revenue (R, SE) Beg. Balance - (d) 65 Depreciation Expense (E, SE)
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Unformatted text preview: Beg. Balance -Income Tax Expense (E, SE) Beg. Balance -Interest Expense (E, SE) Beg. Balance -Supplies & Other Operating Expenses (E, SE) Beg. Balance -(e) 35 2. Journal Entries a) Cash (dr) 20 Notes Payable (cr) 20 b) Equipment (dr) 18 Cash (cr) 18 c) Cash (dr) 5 Contributed Capital (cr) 5 d) Cash (dr) 56 Accounts payable (cr) 9 Service Revenue (cr) 65 e) Cash (cr) 28 Accounts Payable (cr) 7 Supplies & Other Operating Expenses (cr) 35 f) Small Tools (dr) 3 Cash (cr) 3 g) Cash (dr) 8 Accounts Receivable (cr) 8 h) Accounts Payable (dr) 11 Cash (cr) 11 i) Supplies (dr) 10 Accounts Payable (cr) 10 j) Cash (dr) 3 Unearned Revenue (cr) 3 k) Dividends Declared (dr) 10 Dividends Payable (cr) 10 l) Dividends Payable (dr) 10 Cash (cr) 10...
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This note was uploaded on 04/14/2008 for the course ACC 2361 taught by Professor Steverson during the Spring '08 term at Texas State.

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acc extra credit - Beg Balance-Income Tax Expense(E SE Beg...

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