Sociology 206 Spring 2008 Syllabus

Sociology 206 Spring 2008 Syllabus - Sociology 206(01...

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S ociology 206 (01) – SOCIAL PROBLEMS AND ISSUES (3 Credits) Spring 2008, MWF 9 - 9.50am, CORD 2113 Course Instructor: Richard Stansfield Office: 31C Strand Ag Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 2 – 3.30 Email: [email protected] Course Website: Course information will be available on the University Blackboard system: Required Reading: Mooney, L.A., D. Knox, and C. Schacht (2007) Understanding Social Problems, 5 th Edition (Thomson Wadsworth) Course Objectives : We shall examine the persistence of social problems from a variety of sociological perspectives, highlighting the importance of such a perspective for the study of social problems and issues facing American society, and the world, today. We will begin by examining theoretical and methodological tools used for studying social problems, and then go on to apply this framework in understanding the social stratification system and select social problems throughout the course. Whilst not directly attempting to solve social problems, we shall address, discuss, and evaluate current debates assessing what can be done in the way of public policy and also individual action, following a greater understanding of each social problem. Difference, Power, and Discrimination : This course satisfies the DPD requirement of all students at OSU. “The DPD requirement engages students in the intellectual
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This note was uploaded on 04/14/2008 for the course SOC 206 taught by Professor Stansfield during the Spring '08 term at Oregon State.

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Sociology 206 Spring 2008 Syllabus - Sociology 206(01...

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