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2.18.2008 GOVT 318 Lecture

2.18.2008 GOVT 318 Lecture - GOVT 318-U.S Congress Lecture...

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GOVT 318—U.S. Congress Lecture Notes from February 18, 2008 Members of house have less ability to get what they want out of the legislative process than those of the senate. Rules of house limit normal member’s ability to get legislation through. House has the 5 minute rule —when a presiding officer recognizes a member of the House, that member is recognized for only 5 minutes. Senate has no limitation on speaking on the floor. When a Senator is recognized he/ she has unlimited time. A senator can yield the floor to whoever he names, i.e. to a political ally. Filibuster- used by Southern senators to oppose civil rights legislation. *filibusters much more common today, than they were in the past *threat of the filibuster is just as powerful… “no longer necessary to roll-out the cots” *it is possible to end debate if the Senate adopts a resolution of cloture —that requires 60 votes. The minority can prevail with 41 votes; the majority can only prevail with 60 votes.
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