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2.20.2008 GOVT 318 Lecture

2.20.2008 GOVT 318 Lecture - GOVT 318 U.S Congress Lecture...

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GOVT 318- U.S. Congress Lecture Notes from February 20, 2008 Every Democrat (majority party) gets to chair a subcommittee in the Senate. Individual members of the Senate have greater prestige than members of the house, thus Senators get more attention in the media. Norm 1: publicity of Senators Norm 2: Senators who have been there longer, have and deserve seniority Norm 3: Junior Senators should focus more on their state and leave national issues to more senators Fullbright—conducted hearings on the Vietnam war; 1970s-increase of “rights” movements (women’s rights, gay rights, environmentalism) allowed Senators to make a name for themselves as the environmental Senator, etc. -also, increase in television allowed Senators to make a name for themselves, b/c news broadcasters needed a “family values” spokesperson, for instance Senators increasingly used the filibuster. - Previously, the norm in the Senate had been to not be overly partisan, not to vilify the opposing side as morally deficient. This has changed as senators have become uncompromising proponents of their issues. (This new norm is
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