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2.27.2008 GOVT 318 Lecture

2.27.2008 GOVT 318 Lecture - GOVT 318-U.S Congress Lecture...

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GOVT 318—U.S. Congress Lecture Notes for February 27, 2008 Exam: Monday, March 10 th . Covers through 3.C. of outline. Two major limitations on party leaders: 1. Leaders can’t fire rank-and-file members; can’t deny them their party’s re- nomination to Congress; and a member might find it politically convenient to go against the leadership a. Ex: Philip Gramm- conservative Texas Democratic Congressman who angered Democratic leadership and was removed from the Budget Committee; Gramm used his fight against liberal Democratic leadership to help him successfully run for Senate. b. Contrasts with European legislative bodies; Leaders in U.S. can’t count on political support of rank-and-file members like European leaders can 2. Inability to appoint Committee chairs or remove Committee chairs a. Most Senior member of party on a committee automatically became chair; thus committees were autonomous of party leadership i. From 1910, Committees became most powerful institution in Congress.
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  • Spring '07
  • United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, national issues, commit tee, congressional repubs

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