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COMM 3411 Exam 1 Sample Name______________________________ Student ID______________________ For the following questions, if the statement is true, please indicate “True” or “T” beside the question. If the statement is false, please indicate “False” or “F.” 1. Virtual small group communication is communication among group members who are not together in the same physical location. 2. Communication is a transactive process. 3. Even if a group member sits in stone silence, s/he may be exerting influence on the group's climate. 4. One advantage of working in small groups is that it stimulates more creativity. 5. There are no discernable differences between small groups and teams. 6. Theories have both an explanatory and a predictive function. 7. Symbolic-convergence theory explains that group fantasies are interpretations of reality that have no relationship to what actually happens. 8. The systems theory of small group communication can be likened to the concept of the way the various organs of the body work together to make up the larger system which is a person. 9. Self-disclosure usually moves by small increments. 10. Low status members will talk more than will high status group members. 11. Even time and experience cannot guarantee trust. 12. Ineffective decision making may occur when a group incorrectly analyzes the present situation. 13. Lack of structure is considered one of the top barriers to group and team problem solving. 14. Often, it is better to work in a group than to work alone because we learn more about ourselves from the experience. 15. Method theories take a prescriptive approach to small group communication. 16. Reward power is based on your ability to provide rewards for desired behavior. 1 Please choose the best answer to the question and clearly indicate your answer. If I cannot read what you have written down, it will be counted wrong. True/False questions are worth 1 point each, Multiple Choice questions are worth 2 points, and Short Answer questions are worth 12 points each. Please raise your hand if you have a question or need clarification. Good Luck!
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COMM 3411 Exam 1 Sample 17. The first event that occurs in the group decision-making process is identifying several alternatives. 18. A therapy group is a group of from five to fifteen employees who meet regularly to examine work processes with the goal of improving productivity. 19. While theories help us to explain phenomena, they can seldom help us to predict.
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Exam_01_Sample - COMM 3411 Exam 1 Sample Student ID Name...

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