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April 2, 2008 Political party – a group of office holders, candidates, activists, and voters who identify with a party label and seek to elect likeminded individuals to the government under that label Divided government – one party is elected president, the other party controls congress Three different parts to a political party: 1) Governmental – office holders and candidates 2) Organizational – activists 3) Party in the electorate – voters
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Unformatted text preview: Timeline of political parties: 1787 Federalists and Anti-Federalists 1800 Federalists and Democratic Republicans 1828 National Republicans (Whigs) and Democrats 1832 Public becomes active in political parties 1854 Republicans and Democrats 1860-1896 North is Republican; South is Democrat 1900-1932 Republicans dominate 1932-1968 Democrats dominate 1968- Present Divided government...
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