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April 7 th , 2008 Structure of political parties National Level - national convention (every 4 years); sets platform, official nomination of candidates - national chair/committee ; control day to day operations – chair is party spokesperson/leader - congressional committees; helping members of congress get elected into office or stay in office State Level - state chairperson/committee - state convention (every 4 years) - congressional committee/organizations Local Level - city/county committees - precinct committees - party activists - voters Texas system - permanent organization o voters; primary elections o voters choose precinct chairs and county chairs; have a say in state chair
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Unformatted text preview: -temporary organization o precinct convention; have a say in platform, come up with rules o county convention; choose delegates to state convention o state convention; choose delegates to national convention and presidential electors Texas Democratic Party; founded in 1848-primary and dominant party from 1848 to the end of the Civil war (1866)-took control again after Reconstruction-in control from 1874 to 1978-Texas Republican Party; founded in 1867-primary and dominant party during Reconstruction-two party competition from 1978-1994-dominant from 1994-today...
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