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Paper 4 Counter Argument

Paper 4 Counter Argument - COMM 1313 Eli Brannan Paper 4...

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COMM 1313 Eli Brannan Paper 4: Counter Argument The Video Game Controversy Our society in America is facing a severe problem. More and more of our youth are becoming desensitized to explicit material through video games. We need to adopt strategies or reform society where the parents take a constructive role and prohibit or severely limit exposure to such video games that contribute to the problem. The goal is not to radically reform society but make small changes what would have lasting beneficial effects. Before we can continue, an examination of the video games has to be performed, also what social and behavioral problems arise because of games, and finally what can be done to stem and possibly reverse the problem. Video games have a long and wonderful history. They have contributed much to society such as technology advancements, human study and sales of games and consoles. But one glaring contribution is the explicit content that some games expose to the impressionable youth and teens that play them. Some games, such as Grand Theft Auto series present the idea that it is good to carjack people or kill police officers as part of missions and in order to gain points. While gamers say that it is quite obvious that those actions should not be done, it would be hard to reverse what the child begins to thinks once they start to play. Then there are extremely gruesome games such as God of War in which the main character Kratos hacks and slashes his way to become the God of War. All throughout the game are good examples of how violent and gory the game can be.
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From fighting regular antagonists to the boss characters, there are many way in which Kratos can dispatch them. Each combination of moves will result in a spectacular display of blood, guts, and limbs flying all around at the conclusion of the moves. Another example of explicit content is Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. While the name many imply some violence, it ultimately is an extension of the fighting game series in which only the female characters play volleyball. The catch to this game is that each of the female characters in the game are outfitted with the smallest beach attire possible which barely contain the characters’ “assets”. The player is then able to unlock more swimsuits which are skimpier than the previous ones and the game also contains mini-games in where the player can watch the virtual females at a pool. Now, some may say that this game is harmless and that it is just for entertainment. The question then becomes does that imply that females are only for entertainment and tools to be manipulated? There are also rumors of a cheat where it is possible to see the characters almost completely nude where the private parts are covered up with stars. This is very similar to the mini-game that Rockstar games put into their game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where the character in the game can engage in sex. The sex mod dubbed “Hot
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Paper 4 Counter Argument - COMM 1313 Eli Brannan Paper 4...

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